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Welcome to Mary and Joseph College of Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology, a private premier institution for Entrepreneurship located in Afaha Obio Enwang, Itak in Ikono LGA of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Our existing innovative programs is a call for your long awaited opportunity to be yourself. Our emphasis is on an independent, individualized study with commitment to interdisciplinary-interdepartmental programs.
Mary and Joseph College(MJC) is a great dawn. For dawn is for harmony. It is an hour when many things converge and when everything is just about to begin. Come and begin your career with a bright future.
MJC of Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology is an innovative institution designed to combat the twin problem of students disengagement with low productivity and graduate unemployment. We are out to build a better world through Learning, Hardwork and Honesty. We are an institution focused on recreating , based on the current trends of events around us and the world at large with a holistic approach to the economy. MJC is to develop the next generation of food, business, industrial managers and leaders.

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The Candidate must possess credit passes in English language and Maths in other to qualify for admission. Admission will be given to the candidate after passing the Entrance Examination conducted by the college.

Students must complete the application for admission and pay a non-refundable  application fee of ₦3000 to School 

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Mary and Joseph College of Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology



To be eligible for admission into the OND programs, the candidate must hold a minimum of five (5) Ordinary level (O/L) credit passes in WASSCE, NECO or GCE ( maximum of two sittings).


Computer Science

Is a course designed to equip graduates with theoretical and practical skills for a variety of entrepreneurial careers in computing, software development, information technology, management information systems, computer networking and related discipline.


Learn how to control and monitor a company’s financial transactions with  accounting courses. We offer dozens of accounting courses to level up your accounting skills and give your career a boost. Enroll today.

Catering & Craft Practices

This course have everything you need to know about the business of providing food services in bars, restaurants, hotels and more. With these course, you will be able to provide professional and effective services in any area of the catering industry.

Crop Science/ Horticulture & Forestry

 is a course that is concerned with the selection, improvement and production of crops useful to man. It addresses the planting, maintenance, protection, harvesting, storage and aspects of post-harvest handling of produce.

Agribusiness/Extension and Rural Development

This is a course that handles agriculture-related activities that put farmers, processors, distributors, and consumers within a system that produces, processes, transports, markets, and distributes agricultural products.


Livestock/ Animal Production Management

This course will teach students about the processes of growth, breeding, nutrition and lactation of farm animals and pets. 


This course is designed to help train fish farm workers on the key issues surrounding health and welfare of farmed fish.

Business Management

Our business management course will teach you everything you need to know about supervising and overseeing business operations. 

Farm Management

This course is concerned with the organization  factors of production – land, labour and capital for the production of farm products. It is concerned with the operation of the farm firm so as to achieve certain predetermined objectives

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